At Meadowdale Academy Attendance Matters
Excellent Attendance Equals Excellent Progress and Achievement
National Average Expectation KS2 95%
National Average Expectation KS3 94%
Meadowdale Academy 2015-2016 Attendance KS2 96%
Meadowdale Academy 2015-2016 Attendance KS3 96%
At Meadowdale Academy the attendance threshold is set to aim higher, as a school, who is ambitious and aspirational for all pupils to make rapid progress and achieve highly.
Meadowdale Academy 2016-2017 Target Attendance KS2 97%
Meadowdale Academy 2016-2017 Target Attendance KS3 97%
We would ask that all parents and carers promote and encourage good attendance and work in partnership with us to instill its value.
Regular attendance is vital if students are to achieve their best as there is a direct link between attendance and attainment. If children do not attend school regularly their chances of a successful future may be affected due to not keeping pace with school work or missing out on the social side of school life. We monitor attendance with our Education Welfare Office to ensure it is at least 95% with an ambition of 100% and will support parents in meeting this target.
There may be times when your child may be ill. On these occasions, you should follow the school's procedures for notifying illness:
  • Telephone the school before 8:45am
  • Send in a note to school (in the planner) as soon as possible.
Meadowdale operates an online system that allows us to send text messages informing parents that their child has been market absent at registration. Parents must then reply by text or contact school with the reason for absence, so that the attendance record can be updates. Any absences with no reason provided will be marked as unauthorised.
We only authorise leave of absence for 'exceptional circumstances.' A holiday does not qualify.

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