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The consultation questionnaire has now officially closed on Friday 9th November at noon. Many thanks to all that have submitted either an online questionnaire or hard copy. All comments and questions will be considered and the consultation report will follow soon.
Following two days of consultation an addendum has been made to further clarify the offer for parents of pupils for 2019-20. You can view this on our Consultation documents page. See also frequently asked questions.

Consultation on proposed age range and admission changes from middle to primary from September 2019

Meadowdale Academy is an extremely successful 9 to 13 middle school in Northumberland with a golden thread of excellence central to its provision, as a school in the heart of the Bedlington community. It is highly performing, highly regarded and has received continual praise from Ofsted for its academic performance, inspiring curriculum, strong leadership and aspirational ethos.

Ofsted May 2017 stated the academy had:

‘nurtured a distinctive team ethos, resulting in a shared sense of purpose and ambition’

‘instilled a culture of high expectation, built rigour in teaching, learning and assessment’- so that –‘pupils achieve outstanding outcomes, with levels of attainment and progress that are well above those seen nationally’

Due to a number of factors, beyond our control, we have over the past two years needed to explore all options open to us to secure the school’s future sustainability, so  that Meadowdale’s legacy will exist  for future generations.

Therefore, after exploring and exhausting all options as leaders and transparently with feeder first schools, we have finally arrived at the decision that it is in the best interests of all stakeholders that the proposal of age range change be considered and pursued.

Why change?                                

  • To fulfil our responsibility as caretakers of Meadowdale Academy by ensuring its legacy as a highly achieving, community centred school in the heart of Bedlington continues through a significant age range re-designation
  • In response to a significant decrease in KS3 pupil numbers due to the pressure from high schools upon  parents to secure high school places early at the end of Yr6
  • To address the impact of ‘Early Leaver’ numbers. The numbers are increasing and will most likely continue to do so, as the perception and fear of not gaining a place at a high school of choice grows.  This loss of numbers threatens the academy’s long term sustainability.
  • There has been much change within the Bedlington Partnership, across the authority and nationally with a significant number of schools moving toward a two tier system of education. Within this context we no longer fit within local and national models effectively.

Within these contexts and considering all factors, it is highly unlikely that the traditional 9-13 Middle School will continue to exist and unfortunately this includes Meadowdale Academy. As an Academy, outside of Local Authority control, it is incumbent upon the governors to determine where they believe the future of the school lies to best serve the local community. That future is as a primary school with huge potential to be more than just a primary in its aspiration and provision.

Benefits of change

  • Meadowdale Academy is a highly successful school. The school’s ethos and aims, staffing, facilities and of course the students make great learning prosper. As one of the highest achieving schools in Northumberland, governors and Senior Leaders believe Meadowdale Academy can continue to make an impact on raising the standards of education in the town by helping students achieve outstanding outcomes at KS2.
  • Our aspirational ethos could be transformative if translated to include ‘Early Years’ provision 
  • The proposed changes will support the needs of learners through greater continuity and personalisation, reducing additional school transitions and offering increased choice at primary level to parents in the locality
  • There will be clarity for parents, within the Bedlington Partnership of schools about learning routes and high school places. The climate of instability and uncertainty will be addressed

How can I find out more?

Please read our consultation document which gives further information about the proposal.

How do I make my views heard?

  1. The consultation process for age range will run from 24th Sept until 12.00 noon Friday 19th October 2018
  2. The consultation process for Pupil Admission Numbers (PAN) will run from Monday 24th Sept until 12.00 noon Friday 9th November  2018
There is a paper copy of our questionnaire below, or you can fill in the electronic survey at the bottom of this page.
If you cannot see the Google form below click this link:
All of our consultation documents are available for download on our consultation documents page at the left hand side.
We shall keep all stakeholders updated throughout the consultation process by posting FAQs on the change consultation page on the school website. Responses will be analysed and used to produce a consultation report which will be published on the school website.

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