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Together we are ‘Making it happen’ at Meadowdale Academy this year and are able to provide pupils with many exciting opportunities. We want to continue to be at the forefront of education and provide our students with the very best education. I would like to thank everybody who came along to the iPad open evening, and hopefully any questions you had have now been answered. I am also aware that many were unable to attend the evening, but would like to learn more about the scheme. I have included a list of frequently asked questions, and would like to inform you of the process which is now taking place.


The scheme is now set to launch, the iPad portal which will allow you to create an account and order an iPad is now available through the following links


*Please only sign up to the scheme length you wish to order from. A break down of all iPad prices is available below.


21 Month Scheme

33 Month Scheme


The portal is a website where you can view the different iPads which will be available through the scheme. All of the iPads are the latest models of iPads currently available from Apple. The portal will allow you to see the costs of each of the iPad devices including a very robust case and insurance for the device which will protect the iPad over either 21 or 33months whilst your son/daughter attends Meadowdale. The iPads will all be available in 2 purchase options; either a one off cost of the device, insurance and case or to purchase the device over a 21/33 month period (21/33 monthly payments of the same amount). To use the Portal create an account using a valid email address – a confirmation email will be sent to this address.

**Spreading the cost of an iPad will increase the overall price paid for the device, due to increased costs incurred by the school**


Example: iPad 32GB - This is the cheapest iPad available on the scheme

 One Off Payment  21 Monthly Instalments (Total Cost)  33 Monthly Instalments (Total Cost)
 £369.62  £423.36  £488.07

A full price list is available at the bottom of this page.


The portal is now live and will remain open until Sunday 8th October 2017. Once the portal is closed sadly we are unable to accept further orders for this academic year. At this point Meadowdale academy will assess if there is enough interest in the scheme to be able to run in each year group. If there is not enough interest the scheme will not be run. At this point any orders made on the system will be cancelled – No monies will be taken. If the scheme is viable the orders will be placed. Monies will not be taken for any of the iPads until they have been issued to the students – Payments expected for approximately November 2017.


Students who currently have their own iPad will be given the choice to use their current iPads in school, this does however have drawbacks. Any iPad that you may wish to use in school would need to have specialist software installed on the device to manage the use of the iPad in school, this will require the iPad to be erased back to its original factory settings and would lose any content currently saved onto the device. The iPad will also not be covered by the same insurance scheme, and would therefore be at risk of theft or damage at an expense to the parents/ guardians and not Meadowdale Academy.


 I would again like to highlight some of the endless benefits the scheme will bring to the students of Meadowdale Academy:


  • Personalised Learning

  • Extending the Learning day

  • Greater Parent, Pupil and Teacher communication

  • Quicker evaluation and feedback of students work

  • Student collaboration

  • Preparing the students for a digital future

  • Creativity in all subjects

  • Security – All iPads will use the schools web filtering tools even when used at home

  • Apps – all Apps used in school made available for free to students



Will the iPads replace the use of Pen and Pencil in school?

No, the iPads will be used in and out of school to enrich the students learning and not be used to replace writing and drawing skills that are also needed.


I am not able to afford the purchase of an iPad through the scheme

Meadowdale Academy has been able to secure funding for Pupil Premium students which will cover all costs for the iPad, case and insurance. The students eligible have been notified through a separate letter. If you think your child may be eligible please contact the school office. Meadowdale Academy has also tried to ensure the scheme is as cheap as possible and will continue to look at other possible solutions to ensure the benefits of the scheme are open to all.


Is the cheapest iPad suitable for my child's school needs?

All of the iPads available through the scheme are the latest devices available by Apple and as such will be able to meet all of the demands of the school.


What happens if my child no longer attends Meadowdale Academy?

 If a child leaves Meadowdale Academy any remaining balance of the device will need to be paid in full. If the remaining balance is not cleared the iPad will need to be returned to the school along with any accessories included.


Will the iPads be used in all lessons?

Meadowdale Academy will continue to invest in staff training to ensure the iPads are used in school. IPads will only be used in lessons where there is a clear benefit to using the device. Meadowdale Academy is committed to providing our students with the best possible opportunities. The iPads can be used in a variety of ways from simple research to more creative uses such as creating their own videos and music on the device.


What happens if my iPad is broken?

Any accidental damage, theft or faults are covered through the warranty and insurance. If a problem occurs the device is returned to school and collected by Jigsaw24, the company Meadowdale Academy is working with to run the scheme. The iPad will be repaired or replaced in a maximum of 7 days, throughout this time an iPad will be loaned to the student for use during the school day.


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