We have some fantastic students here at Meadowdale who are willing to go above and beyond for their classmates. As a result some have been voted in to be 'MMPs' (Meadowdale Members of Parliament) who act in their classes interest and try to help achieve the school that they want.
They meet every two weeks with Mrs Allison to discuss any issues that may have arisen over the previous fortnight and also discuss ongoing issues or suggestions that they'd like to put forward. Our MMPs play a massive role in school life, championing suggestions from classmates and making a real difference across the school.
Elections are held at the beginning of each academic year in order for each class to choose its MMPs. The chosen MMPs then hold that 'seat' for a year before moving up a year, or in our Year 8's case moving to high school. We really pride ourselves on the opportunities that we give our MMPs and hope that this is something that they can use as an experience to build upon in high school.
So far our MMPs have played a role in several projects. A few examples of these are the school prom, our Halloween monster mash ball, seating and entertainment for the playgrounds and our schools behavior policy.

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