Our School

Meadowdale was purpose built as a middle school in 1977. It is designed to accommodate four classes in each year group with the addition of other specially equipped areas for ICT, Technology, Art, Science, Music and PE. We even have our own school radio station capable of broadcasting to every classroom.

The school is a fully inclusive environment which has been altered to accommodate pupils with physical disabilities. We are also continually striving to make further improvements; most recently having our heating system throughout school updated.

We are particularly fortunate to have extensive school grounds. Our large playing field enables us to offer a wide range of sporting activities and the hard court areas mean that tennis, netball and other activities requiring a hard surface can be catered for.

Our Year 5 pupils spend most of their school day working in a specially designed year block which comprises of four classrooms, a practical area, toilets and cloakroom. There is also space in each classroom for children to store their bags during the school day. This environment, with which the children quickly become familiar, helps them to make the transition from their first schools. They work mainly with their class teacher but have access to the wide range of facilities available.

We strive to provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment which will help children to learn and grow into confident, caring and thoughtful individuals.

We believe the middle school experience is a central and important phase in a child’s education. We take great care to ensure that we provide a wide range of exciting learning experiences which will build on the skills and understanding fostered in their first schools. Through close and regular liaison with these schools we are able to structure learning situations which continue and extend the development of the whole child.
In the same way, regular contact is maintained with high school colleagues so that our pupils are well equipped to take advantage of the third stage in their school life at high school.

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